2021 Show Calendar

Join us for the 2021 show competitions!

We will continue to update this schedule as we get closer to the 2021 spring and summer horse show season... Here's what we have so far...


  • GFF I thru IV Series (waiting for dates)


  • 12th thru 16th: Fieldstone, Spring Festival I

  • 19th thru 23rd: Fieldstone, Spring Festival II


  • 23rd thru 27th: Fieldstone, Plymouth Rock Hunter Jumper Classic I

  • 29th thru July 3rd: Fieldstone, Plymouth Rock Hunter Jumper Classic II


  • Head of the Bay (waiting for dates)


  • 18th thru 22nd: Fieldstone Summer Showcase I

  • 24th thru 28th:  Fieldstone Summer Showcase II

  • 29th MHJ Finals


  • 8th thru 12th:  Fieldstone North East Classic

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